Sunday, 20 May 2018

Takin' care of business

Sarah James and the Soul Babies? Even if the music was rubbish I'd still love the name of the band. As it is the record is an ace stomping rare-soul nugget of the highest order. What a stormer!

Saturday, 28 April 2018


The first ruffe (known affectionately as Tommys or Pope) I've seen since I was a teenager living in the Amber Valley. It was caught on an AGM micro crayfish fished in the Rochdale canal


Sunday, 22 April 2018

The Kings

I love the Fleece in Haworth and will never forget my first visit, on a Wednesday night in the spring of 2005. I'm not sure but guess that's when I had my first ever pint of Tim Taylor Ram Tam. My local in Derbyshire served Landlord and I knew it was brewed in Keighley, but I had no idea Taylors had a range of beer

Since moving we've been to the Fleece a few times but I'm really enjoying the Branwell stout in the Kings. The hospitality is first rate too. Me and our Tuss went in yesterday only to discover I only had a couple of pounds to my name. We were told we could have what we liked and could sort it out later. Now that to me is outstanding. I paid for a soft drink and we shared a bag of Seabrooks Beefys before nipping off home but we'll be back again soon (firstly to pay for the crisps!)