Saturday, 22 November 2014

Tussock dog

We've had a busy week. Last weekend we got an 11 week Vizsla pup we've named Tussock. He's everything we dreamed he'd be, and has slotted into family life wonderfully. We have half chewed plastic milk bottles everywhere and walking anywhere downstairs barefoot is at best risky but its all more than worth it!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I'm growing my hair. For half my lifetime it's been cropped, mostly "to the wood". For a while I went to the barbers but around the time of the millennium I bought a pair of Wahl clippers and have either used them, or (especially in summer) wet-shaved all-over every few days

Yesterday lunch-time I nipped into Ilkley and went to see Nathan at Mojo. He's the guy who sorted Sam out after his visit to the Ilkley Slasher. After explaining my project, "I want to look eccentric, English tweedy eccentric, but maybe a bit like Einstein, Picasso or Mark Twain", he gave me a very decent short back and sides. I've always miss going to the barbers; surely the most manly of environments and as I was leaving I said see you in a few weeks

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Streaked out but happy

Our streak ended after 9 runs in 8 days but has kicked started more training and much more importantly, re-kindled a desire to get out and enjoy the outdoors generally. We ran yesterday evening and benefitted from a free fire-work display, then this afternoon we've been for a walk by the river. The highlight of this was undoubtably seeing a dipper close to the caravan park weir singing his heart out!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Twice in a day!

Our latest streak is now getting established. Most of the runs have been 20 minute savers but yesterday after doing a saver in the morning we nipped up to the trig point above Haw Pike farm in the evening. We'd arranged to run with Richard earlier in the week but then forgot, hence going out early. We only got lost three times in the dark, but we did find what I think was a small flock of snipe roosting in a meadow. Tonight we're off to the Lion for what should be nine runs in eight days