Sunday, 18 January 2015

Wintery walk on the Dales Way

Sam and I took Tussock out for a walk on the Dales Way to Ilkley this morning. We'd been to the Agraah and Flying Duck last night and I left my car in town. It was cold with the odd snow flurry but we all enjoyed the walking. There were some good birds around including heron and goosander on the river, and good numbers of goldfinch and redwing in the fields. We also spotted little owl apparently being mobbed by a blackbird. I think they are very territorial so it'll be worthwhile looking out again next time we're in that area

Growing fast

Rice 'n' ribs

Sunday, 11 January 2015

KCAC Saturday walk

An email was circulated in the week inviting folk for a Saturday run out from Yorkshireman organizer Charlie's house followed by pie and peas. A walk was another option so me, Stef and Tussock went along. The walk around Bronte country was ace in spite of a very cold wind. The beer (and poppadoms for Tuss) in the Friendly at Stanbury was great. And the pie and peas provided by Andrea, Charlie's wife, were something else

Tussock, who'd done a decent walk the day before, had a little snooze in the pub and I had a cheeky baby cuddle with wee George afterwards. What a fabulous way to catch-up with friends old and new

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Je suis Charlie

First Wednesday nighter of the year

It was windy and wet for last night's KCAC mid-week headtorcher from the White Lion, but thankfully not cold. I was very grateful for my Buffalo after getting changed and at least as happy with the free chips. It was good to see James around for the first time since Stef and I's wedding. He called round to show Stef how to make bread, with truly delicious results. Two runs in two nights and maybe a slight reprise for my long missing running mojo

ps I'm not sure but it might have been my first Wednesday night run of the winter, never mind 2015!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Newmillerdam Viz Whizz

Our first Viz Whizz last Sunday had around 30 dogs with their owners walking around various muddy trails near Newmillerdam south of Wakefield. Tussock loved it and so did we