Saturday, 28 September 2013

Skipton Parkrun # 1

Skipton Parkrun started four weeks ago and I've fancied nipping over for a run out one weekend but we've been busy, or away. However, with Stef being in the Lakes for the Rab MM I had an ideal opportunity this weekend

My first problem was finding the park. I thought I knew where it was but I've never actually been to the car-park there, only ever having run through the park before. This wasn't a problem after a couple of laps of Skipton and I had loads of time still to spare. Thankfully no sooner had I arrived than I saw my friend Matty, who not only told me how it all worked, but jogged round a lap with me (the run is three laps). This recce lap enabled me to see that (1) the course wasn't all tarmac, but much more 'multi-terrain' in nature, and (2) the hill near the start was brutal (not by fell running terms, but certainly so if you've got to do it three times in twenty odd minutes)

I'd never done a 5K before and not done a shortish race since May so pacing was always going to be interesting. As it was I think I got it about right and finished 25th out of I'm guessing 95 entrants. I only felt sick for ten minutes or so afterwards and was back home well before 10am

As I was getting ready this morning I was thinking there must be thousands of folk all over the country doing this just now. The event was really inclusive with childeren running plus whole familes trotting round together. I've no idea who started the whole parkrun 'movement' but they were super smart because it is great and what's not to like?

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fellraisers (new film by fellephant)

fellephant has posted this on his web-site I'm not sure if it's different to his previous film but it's great and well worth a re-post anyway. Great work felle!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Alfie and the green ball

I took this photograph on Saturday with Stef's phone camera. It's amazing the way technology has come on in my life-time. I wonder what people will be doing when Alfie is middle-aged?

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Streak on!

Our streak continues with a 21st run last night at Seaton. To be honest a lot of the runs have been in the 20 to 30 minute catergory and largely on road, but we've managed to keep going in spite of a few early mornings and several late night 'savers'. It's surprising how soon running every day becomes part of your life and unless one of us either gets seriously ill, or too injured to run, there should be no reason we can't plod on for a good while yet (famous last words!). We managed 53 days last winter leading up to the evening I found out mum had cancer and my first target is to improve on that. I heard reference to a '100 days of Christmas' challenge last night and 100 days would be a good second target if we can keep moving

Perfect day

Stef and I have been in Devon since Friday evening and had a great day yesterday. We met Tom, Alfie and Lacey at Bicton in the afternoon after having a walk along the estuary at Topsham to Bowling Green Marsh RSPB reserve Alfie is seven months old, sitting up and with his first tooth coming through. Last night we had fish and chips in Seaton, a walk on the beach and a glass or two of Bacardi. A perfect day really!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Stolly Bob Graham success

Brian "Stolly" Stallward finished the Bob Graham on Saturday tea-time with six minutes to spare. Stef and I did the last leg with him and his partner Hester plus Brian's collie Harry. No doubt Brian will have plenty to say later on his blog here Well done Brian on a deserved success. You showed great courage and determination on that final leg (along with more than a little stubborness!)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


I was late going out for this evening's run and although it was only short (a couple of miles or so) and all on the road I needed a headtorch for the first time this 'autumn'. The run was my tenth in ten days and I'm hoping we can carry on and beat the 53 day streak we did in the winter starting on December 1st. It was a lovely night for a run with bits of broken cloud but plenty of stars to be seen plus the waxing crescent moon. Tomorrow evening we have a club social run on Ilkley Moor followed by refreshments at Bar t'at. It's around three miles to the start of the run from home so I might walk over, or even run with a change of clothes in a MM rucksack. Bar t'at is always with several local beers including usually at least two from the fantastic Ilkley Brewery. It should be a good night!


Monday, 9 September 2013

Ska-ing West


Stef's been trying to get me to eat porridge for years (it'll be four in November). I'm more of a toast man; not even just toast but anything toasted. Bagels, crumpets, muffins, any kind of bread, toasted well and ideally with a decent amount of salty butter. However, I've been experementing with porridge since our holiday and it might just become my new obsession (it's hopefully cheaper than buying reggae and rocksteady records off the internet). It's early day's yet but I'm a milk not water man plus I'm rather partial to honey. I'm yet to try salt in the porridge but I must call Jim, my first boss in sales, who lives in the Borders and who I suspect might know a thing or two about oats. He likes old sports-cars, Harris Tweed and a well polished pair of proper brogues. He's the man I'm sure

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sweet song for my baby


Several months of little running have lead to me putting on over a stone in weight! Therefore drastic action was needed and this has taken the shape of a new 'streak'. Stef and I were in Sorrento on holiday until last Tuesday (more to follow, including pictures) but we decided to run on the Sunday and Monday, and we've run every day since, hence eight runs. Most of the runs have been three miles or so but I'm already feeling better and my shorts don't seem quite so tight

Friday, 6 September 2013

Love and unity

Congratulations OHW

Congratulations are in order to fellow blogger (and FRA forumite) Karen "OneHillWonder" Towle on the birth yesterday of her long-awaited son, William. Stef and I are looking forward to meeting the wee lad soon