Thursday, 31 December 2015

Last Wednesday nighter of the year

There was a small turn-out last night at the White Lion in Kildwick for our last KCAC headtorcher of the year. Brett's son Jack ran with us and seemed to enjoy himself. The running went well generally with only one tiny navigational error (we did 5 miles), and our friend James was on good form in the pub in spite of being too under the weather to manage a run. Bacon and cheese butties were taken along with excellent Saltaire Stout No 5. All in all a good last social run of the year

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Holiday vizsla walk

Tussock and I went to Meltham yesterday to meet some other vizslas and their humans. We had a wonderful walk on the edge of the Peak District with the probable highlight of the outing being a mountain hare in full white winter coat spotted in heather only 50 yards or so from where we were

There were lots of dogs so!ilar age and size to Tuss and he enjoyed the walk immensley. Many thanks to Brett from Meltham for organising what for me as a long time bogtrotter and lover of moorland was a real holiday treat too!

Monday, 28 December 2015

Longest run in a long time

Stef, Tussock and I ran over nine miles yesterday with the Prices from home. It was a perfect day for a run out; Tussock's longest ever, and me and Stef's furthest in a long time. Thankfully the floods had abated making it possible to return via the Dales Way

Martyn showed us his latest UTMB video and we had fun planning and scheming all kinds of plans. Martyn seems quite keen on the Frog Graham, while I spent a bit too much time looking at the PTL footage 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

One hundred days

It felt a bit of an anti-climax but tonight's two miler with Tussock around the village in the rain brought up one hundred days of consecutive running. I've lost probably 10 pounds in weight and feel happier in myself for returning to running properly. My plan is to chug on until New Year and then see how I go from there. My new job is demanding, with long days and a lot of driving, but I've got this far so lets see how long I can continue