Friday, 17 February 2017


 I always thought the "Scientist rids / meets / wins . . . " series of dub albums were "novelty records". I know the square root of bugger all patently and the source material is largely amazing too. Greensleeves has re-issued the dubs without Scientist (he was an engineer working for the mighty King Tubby, talk about apprenticeships) being credited on the sleeve, but with the original vocal cuts alongside the dubs. I very rarely buy music now but I've been sorely tempted to get at least one of the series


Friday, 10 February 2017

A night out in rural Leicestershire

This week my regular work trip to Leicester coincided with the FA replay between the Foxes and the Rams. My usual hotel was full and driving into town on match-night didn't make sense so I drove North to Barrow upon Soar, and stayed at the excellent Hunting Lodge However I walked down to the Bridge Inn for local beer, home-made lamb curry and chips plus footie related banter. The only downside was extra-time meant extra drinking time and I arose on Thursday morning feeling slightly fragile. I blame the Old Original the barmaid recommended

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Gargrave perch fishing

The Canal & River Trust run a scheme called Waterway Wanderers where anglers can buy a permit to fish lengths of canal not managed in the traditional way by local angling clubs. The canal around Gargrave is included on the permit and I've had a couple of short sessions perch fishing albeit with limited success! A friend of mine who lives near Skipton has a son who wants to try fishing and I've suggested we have a go on the Gargrave stretch, hence my recent visits. I think we shall wait a bit for the water to warm up first because fishing is hard work at the moment