Monday, 19 August 2013

Lazy days

Our failed Lakeland 100 attempt really took out of me. I've found recovery hard and have only run twice since. A fair proportion of the skin came off the ball of both of my feet last week and I've lost a couple of toe-nails. Last Tuesday night I ran around six miles with PetShopPete and a few other club-mates from the Swan in the village and on Tuesday night it was over to Embsay for a similar distance (albeit a bit quicker) from the Elm Tree. Several times in the last ten days or so I've said I'll get up in the morning and have a run out from home, but it just isn't happening at the moment. There's another social run from the Swan tomorrow night and I might do that; we'll see

Stef is very busy with work at present and if anything came out of the hundred in even worse shape than me. Her knee swelled up and is only just retreating back and her feet were at least as bad as mine, although she employed a 'pick the dead skin off a bit at a time' strategy, rather than my let time take it's toll approach. We have very few running plans for the rest of the year apart from Stef doing the Rab MM. Probably the biggest thing in our diary, apart from an upcoming holiday, is the Bob Graham dinner in early October, which we're both really looking forward to!

Jack Ruby and the Black Desciples

Monday, 12 August 2013

Six months

Stef's grandson Alfie is six months old now! He's doing really great and we were all delighted to see him and his dad Tom yesterday for one of Stef's mum's Sunday lunches

Friday, 2 August 2013

Reflections on the hundred

Running ultramarathons is a learning process and I guess you never stop learning. While last weekend’s hundred is fresh in my mind I wanted to make a few notes of things I might have / should have done differently. Firstly and most importantly looking after your feet is absolutely paramount for this event. This goes far beyond picking your most comfortable shoes and toughing it out, as we found to our cost. Secondly, I was very sick at Scarth Gap possibly because of going too fast in the heat , but also possibly because I’d taken on board some SIS drink I’d not tried before. Thirdly, wearing comfortable clothes and kit. My t-shirt and 20 lt OMM rucksack performed well; my Nike traditional running shorts were far from perfect. Lycra is needed and I should know that by now. Lastly, the food at the checkpoints isn’t great and is largely sweet. Some kind of easy-to-carry savoury food is needed. Running ultramarathons is also a very personal thing. These notes might help someone else but are basically for me to help me perform better next year (hopefully anyway!)