Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Chicken tikka

A trip to South Asia wouldn't be complete for me without sampling chicken tikka. I ordered it last night in the hotel restaurant and was told, 'it takes a bit of time; maybe 40minutes'. Anyway about three-quarters of an hour later I noticed a waiter walk past with a tell-tale brown paper carrier bag. The chicken tikka was bought in from a local take-away, or at least another restaurant! Anyway it was quite good; the meat was moist and the portion a decent size, albeit a bit spicy for me. The daal I had with it was extremely fiery too. My only problem was the restaurant does not serve alcohol so there was no rum and coke to go with it 


  1. I wonder if they have a 'Paying Guest' scheme in Dhaka, DT? We've used them in India before. It's typically a room in a well-off residence where you will eat with the family morning and evening. They make a nice change from hotels. My fave hotel in those parts is the YWCA in Ooty; mainly because it's run by women which automatically makes it more civilised and hospitable for me.

  2. Paying guest system sounds brilliant Lukas but probably not ideal for business travel. Days can be a bit ad hoc; sometimes you're out for 14hours, then others there's some 'down-time'. I stayed one night in Delhi with a wealthy family a few years ago and was very well looked after. I remember the veg biryani, a huge wooden Ganesh at the top of the stairs and staying up late watching cricket on tv. England v/s India! Happy memories