Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Post holiday plans

I've not got my holiday photos sorted out yet but when I do I'll post a few. Every time I go to Italy (I've been maybe five times on holiday plus I used to go to Milan several times a year on business until quite recently) I come back with the same plans:

1) Buy a scooter. Not in a naff Quadrophenia mod way but a cool 'I'll just nip out with my shades on pretending I'm Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday way'. It never happens and it never will

2) Buy a pink polo shirt. I saw a beautiful Lacoste raspberry pink number in a shop in Taormina. Not baby pink but the colour of raspberry ice-cream. It never happens but might if I got my act together

3) Learn Italian. I'm terrible with languages, having absolutely not aptitude whatsoever. It'll never happen although I'm slowly learning a few more words

4) Eat more pasta. My favourite jeans either shrunk in the wardrobe whilst I was away, or more likely, I put a few pounds on due to the ice-cream and pizza. Eating more pasta is the last thing I need to be doing just now!

5) Drink more coffee. Not the most ambitious plan but it might just happen 

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