Friday, 16 September 2011

Another week

I should have been on my way to the airport in Dhaka just about now but after a series of phone-calls and some frantic Skypeing yesterday evening I've arranged to stay here until next Thursday to test the samples which have now arrived from Dubai. I've informed the hotel I'll be needing the room for another week and there are three pairs of boxer shorts hanging in my bathroom after hand-washing in the sink last night with shower gel (I've spent too long in Yorkshire to pay the hotel three dollars a pair to wash my pants!). I'll need to get some shirts and a pair of jeans laundered but apart from the fact I haven't really got much reading material I should be okay

Today is a holiday here so I've got the day off. I'll go to the gym later and if the weather is alright (it's been quite mixed the last few days, with rain in the late afternoon) I'll go up on the hotel roof for a bit of sun-bathing. I'm told there's a park very close to the hotel and I fancy trying to find that. It's usually too frantic and just too much hassle to bother going out of the hotel in many South Asian cities but I think I'll get cabin fever if I stay in my room much more

I've been to the gym six times since I left home and ran three miles on the treadmill last night. Some relatively fast running will do me good and I might go home fitter than I came if I can lay off the pizza, chicken curry and local whisky just a bit

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