Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The mandarin and the owl

Stef and I went down to the river for a walk last night. On the way to Barden Bridge Stef finally saw a little owl! I've been promising her for nearly two years that there's often one near the Devonshire Arms and last night it was there. Later by the river we spotted two dippers, a heron and a lovely pair of mandarin ducks. I've seen a few males over the last few years but I think it was the first 'lady' mandarin I've seen. The female is a lovely looking bird but appears drab at the side of a magnificent male

Incidentally, I play around with imaginary names for bands with my blog titles sometimes. 'Douglas and the weekend' is probably still my favourite but I think 'The mandarin and the owl' could be a grower. Now all I need to do is to form a band!

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