Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Training update

Since leaving home on Saturday September 3rd I've managed eight sessions in the hotel gyms (three in China and five more since coming here to Dhaka). I usually do 10 to 15minutes on the treadmill then five minute 'blocks' on the 'cycling machine' (I've no idea what the kit is all called) and the 'steppers'. 30 to 40minutes in total is as much as I can manage without getting bored but I'm usually struggling to stand when I finish because if the machines aren't rocking I've not trying hard enough! It was with some pride that I noticed a bloke cleaning the sweat off the treadmill this evening when I'd finished running on the steepest incline on it

In addition to the running etc I often finish off with some squats. I used to have all kinds of problems with 'creaky' knees but since taking on the 200 Squat Challenge and strengthening my quads I've had no problems, including during the most rigorous of my Bob Graham training this spring

The other thing I've just started is some core work on the Swiss ball. At the moment I'm just sitting on it with my feet off the floor but I think I'll get a ball for home and investigate some other exercises to do

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