Friday, 16 September 2011

Where's me Jumper?

I ordered a mushroom and garlic pizza this evening for dinner and when it arrived it took me straight back in time to the early 90s. A friend of mine packed in his job as an engineer at Rolls Royce in Derby around 1992 and enrolled at Hull University. I've no idea what he 'read' but it seemed to involve a lot of all-day drinking

A group of us used to jump in the car at the weekend and spend Saturday night as honorary students drinking and dancing in the University's Chico Mendes bar and a club in the city, the name of which I cannot for a second recall. I'd forgotten the name of the band too but a quick Google of 'Dancing in the disco...' soon sorted that out

Two songs remind me of this time. One is Jealous Guy by John Lennon (I won't be blogging about that), and the other is this, which now sounds like Pete Shelley fronting up the Fall. It's actually far better than I remembered but then I haven't been drinking lager snakebite since lunchtime!

The reason the pizza reminded me of those days was a 'mushroom pizza with a garlic smell' was our preferred after-hours takeaway at that time

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  1. chooooon! fill your nostrils up with gravy!