Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mud, gossip, chips and beer

Mud, gossip, chips and beer are the essential ingredients of a Keighley and Craven mid-week headtorch run and all four were in place last night. We were out for around an hour and quarter and by the end of the run I was pretty wet through and my legs were filthy (I'd worn shorts). However, I was well up to speed with all the local fell running gossip thanks to Emily and Brett and ready for a pint of Landlord and some rather tasty veg curry and chips in the White Lion. I think this is either the fourth or perhaps fifth winter we have been out running in the dark off-road with headtorchs and long may it continue!


  1. That wasn't mud. It was pure, knee high, liquid cow slurry.

  2. 'Liquid cow slurry' is being very polite! Which reminds me, my Walshes are still on the back yard 'drying'