Friday, 16 December 2011

'The Bob Graham Round' on Radio 4

In the spring Morgan approached me to ask if Stef and I would be interested in contributing to a radio programme being made by the BBC, which set out to both highlight the Bob Graham Round, plus help publicise a new piece of classical music being composed by an Italian composer inspired by a visit to the Lake District. Ian Bent, who is a senior programme maker with the BBC (and who originates in the East Midlands and is a massive music fan) came to meet and interview us at Cockley Beck. It was stunning day and some of the material in the programme was recorded then

Ian came out to wish both us luck and interviewed us again in Keswick before we set off on our attempt and he was there to interview me too when I finished. In the autumn he came over from Ramsbottom to my house in Wharfedale when Stef was up here recovering from her operation and we recorded more stuff then too

Being involved in what I think has made a wonderful programme has been a big privilege and we are both looking forward to going to hear the world premiere of the music in Kendal early in the New Year. I think it will round off (pun intended) what has been a fantastic year!

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  1. We are not worthy ;)

    In spite being at home, I missed it. I look forward to catching it on iplayer.