Thursday, 26 January 2012

Mixed feelings

The nights are drawing out and I've got real mixed feelings about the rapidly approaching spring. I hate the dark nights and don't like dank, wet weather but have really enjoyed running at night this winter. Last night we had a great run from the White Lion again followed by bangers and mash, and Ilkley Black. I ran in shorts, a long-sleeve Helly and a Pertex jacket and was plenty warm enough. It was seriously cosy in the pub afterwards too

One thing I am looking forward to is some bird watching. Stef and I have been really busy for what seems like months and apart from the odd walk down by the river haven't had time to do much at all lately outside of run, work and sleep. I can't wait for the warblers and flycatchers, swifts and martins to arrive!

1 comment:

  1. im with you DT..weve had swallows come stay here since we moved in 17 years ago..i love it when they return..puts our ultra efforts to shame!