Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Pinhaw headtorcher

Dave and I had a run over Pinhaw last night from Dave and Sara's above Carleton near Skipton. It was a wonderful run with hoar frost covering the ground, dry-stone walls etc and a very clear sky. I'd not run with Dave for months and we had a good catch-up on the way round, plus I had a nice cuddle with Pippa when I got back. She's five weeks old now and growing like mad!

I've run four Haworth Hobbles with Dave and our entry for this years event of March 10th is going in the post tonight. Dave got very fit a couple of years ago when he was computing to Leeds on the bike regularly but hasn't been doing much recently at all. We both think this year's Hobble will be tough (I've not run longer than 90minutes since last summer), and it's unlikely to be our best, time-wise, but it's a not-miss event for us both and it'll be fun however long it takes us

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