Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I've entered the Wadsworth Trog and the Haworth Hobble now and this morning signed up for the Saunders MM (Kirkfell class). It'll be my first mountain marathon and I'm looking forward to a couple of days on the hill with John, who was one of the first runners I got to know when I joined KCAC around seven years ago

The Wadsworth Trog is aptly named with a few miles of bog-trotting and some proper navigation towards the end. I've done it twice but never really had a good run. The first time I ran round with Dave and we got spectacularly lost and last year Stef had a tough time of it and we were last for probably the first quarter of the race

The Saunders should be interesting. I've done plenty of camping in the past but little if any back-packing. Running in a pair is very familiar to me (I've always run the Hobble as a pair) but I think I'll need to get out and brush up on my navigation! John's suggested a two-day practice run with full kit and I think it sounds a splendid idea

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