Monday, 23 January 2012

Short Hebden walk

Saturday's short (c15ml) Hebden walk was great fun. We had a saunter round at 'social pace' and finished in good spirits in around 5hrs 45mins. Stef did better than we expected (I think!) and Peter got some good time on his feet in preparation for his Fellsman debut in April. Food at the checkpoints was outstanding (as ever) and I managed a 'full house' of sandwiches at the infamous CP3 (cheese and pickle, potted beef, tuna/mayo and beef dripping) along with stollen too.  It's not surprising how popular this event is with the long-distance walking and fell and trail running crowd!


  1. it's a shame we missed each other! did you try the coconut cake? better than the stollen but not as good as the crumble. the route was quite good too ;)

  2. From memory I had the following:

    2 x toast plus tea before start
    Jelly babies (8 to 10, all green)
    Choc cake x1, coconut cake x 1 (Mmmm)
    8 to 10 sandwiches, mixed
    2 x tea
    pie and peas (plus half of Stef's pie)
    Crumble and custard
    2 or 3 teas :-)