Sunday, 5 February 2012

Fun in the snow

Last night Stef and I ran up the Beacon with headtorchs. Snow was falling heavily and there was a couple of inches or so already on the ground when we set off. It was fairly wild on top and we didn't hang around by the trig point too long. As we hit the top road on th way down a guy passed by in a 4 x 4 and as we ran past he wound down his window and said, 'you must be bloody bonkers!'. We were still laughing about this this morning

This afternoon we ran over to Bolton Abbey along the Dales Way. The weather was improving all the way there and we stopped a few times to take photographs. We did very well with the birds along the river with dipper, grey wagtail, little grebe, heron, goosander and cormorant all seen. A pair of woodcock were flushed too in the woodland close to Bolton Bridge and we had good views as they flew away


  1. haha, bonkers is the best! we passed a group of 6 4x4 today- on a bridelway :( one was broken down, one was towing another and the others were having to wait. now that's a bonkers (and expensive) hobby.

  2. i can never understand why folk would think what we do is abnormal!! a little out of the ordinary perhaps but then thats why ordinary is what it is!