Thursday, 2 February 2012

Two more headtorchers

Stef and I met Becca on Tuesday night to show her my old BG training hill-rep route from Wells Road near the start of the Ilkley Moor fell race, up past the White Wells and on to the big cairn above Rocky Valley. It was a cold night but dry and we did two reps together, albeit going the long way round rather than back the way we went up (the steps were icy and none of us fancied it)

Last night the White Lion was closed for ongoing refurbishment but we ran from the Kings Head in Silsden. It was up to Nab End, over to the Doubler Stones and back via Brunthwaite. The Kings had a couple of beers on from the Revolutions Brewery Co The Clash-inspired London Porter was excellent ( I had two pints; Stef was driving) and I'll be looking out for their other beers from now on. When we got home we had fishfinger sandwiches with plenty of ketchup. There are worse ways to spend a dark February night!

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