Sunday, 11 March 2012

Haworth Hobble 2012

Well, I set off like a lunatic and was at Manikinholes in about three and half hours. At that point the wheels fell off big style. I managed to get up Stoodley Pike but then slipped crossing the stile on the descent. Cue me rolling around in the mud with the most spectacular cramp I think I've ever had. Several runners helped me get moving again, including a passing Ben Mounsey (CVFR Captain) out on a training run (thanks Ben, you're a bloody star)

In spite of not feeling too bad for a few miles the climb on tarmac after the last check point felt like the North face of the Eiger with me weaving all over the road and really fancying a nice sit down. I had a brief chat with a passing Britnick complete with new Runfurther tattoo and then I noticed the legend that is Wendy Dodds appearing behind at alarming speed. She dragged me over the Top o' the Stairs and past Nick whilst telling me she'd got lost twice and had to pull a '3cm' nail from her foot earlier. Wendy blasted off up towards Penistone Hill leaving me for dust but I finished reasonably strongly in 6hour17mins-ish

When Ben and co where getting me back to my feet (literally) I was thinking of chucking all my trainers out and taking up flyfishing full-time again but I'm just about to enter the Calderdale Hike. It's a bit slower than the Hobble and suits my style of running better I think!

It was great to see so many friends, bloggers and FRA forumites out including Ian Charters, Nick and a very slimline looking Mike D-H, who had a cracking run


  1. Well you beat your target :-) Sounds a similar time to some of your previous runs.

    Seems odd that the Hobble and Trollers Trot were on the same day.

  2. well done for sticking with it!! it sounds like a really tough (runnable!) course. and that is the best wendy dodds story i've ever heard :)

  3. It was the pulling out of the nail that enabled me to pass Wendy and then hang on at the end to beat her by a minute! well done and thanks for saying Hi .... glad you had a good `un!