Saturday, 14 April 2012

Back to the Bob

It's an absolutely stunning morning here in Wharfedale and I'm about to set off to Dunmail Raise to meet Martyn for a recce of leg 1 of the Bob Graham. Tonight I'm stopping at the YHA in Keswick and meeting Ian for refreshments (I've not been to the Dog and Gun this year!) and tomorrow it's a recce of leg 4 from Honister with Becca. I'm no way as fit as I was this time last year although I've kept most of the weight off I lost training for my round. However, a bit of missing hill fitness isn't going to stop me having fun in Lakeland 

Stef went up to Scotland for the Highlander yesterday and the last I heard was Yiannis was cooking beans in their tent. No doubt they'll be woken up soon by the traditional bagpipes! Watching them preparing their kit yesterday morning on our living room floor made me laugh, especially when Stef got the kitchen scales out to weigh various (tiny) canisters of camping gas

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