Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Lamb

No not a reference to Stef stealing one of the local baby sheep and bringing it home to keep it warm but the pub we ran from last night; The Lamb in Oxenhope in fact. There was a good turnout from the club considering the wretched cold and wet weather including most of the regular Wednesday night gang

Wednesday nights are the bedrock of my involvement with KCAC and I always try to have a run out it I'm around. However, last night it was hard work to be honest. I think I still had a lot of the previous weekend's climbing in my legs. Wearing shorts didn't help. The good thing was we had a rare appearence from John Dennis and he was in great form in the pub afterwards, keeping us ammused with all kinds of funny stories about ill-fated attempts at the 'Wobbly Bob, mountain marathons in the Lake District and tales of club members past and present. It nearly made up for the fact we found out we'd been drinking re-badged Tetley's bitter sold as Lamb Ale!

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