Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A 50@50 Bob Graham Round?

We watched Dave Makin finish an extended 53 peak Bob Graham Round on Saturday evening. He looked as fresh as if he'd taken his dog for a jog round Fitz Park and after I'd spoken to him about which peaks he'd done one of his Achille Ratti friends asked if I fancied an extended round. During the previous two weeks Stef and I had been out  several times on the fells and we'd been over Pavey Ark, Loft Crag, Great Rigg Man and Allan Crags, partly because they were new and baggable Wainwrights for Stef but also to look at them as possible extra peaks for me, so I guess the answer should have been yes

Not long before I was forty I was out of shape; fit by most folks' standard but overweight and not as fit as I should have been. I started then what I jokingly called my 'Fit for Forty' campaign. On May 16 2014 I'll be fifty. I was awake at 5-00am this morning reading Wainwright's Central Fells. Perhaps my 'Fifty at Fifty' campaign has started early?

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