Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Jakarta hangover

I've got the hangover from hell after going out with a customer last night. The guy is originally from Bombay but has been in Indonesia for around 15years. It's a small world because we had many mutual friends in our industry and he loves the Derbyshire countryside!

We started out at his house with two glasses of very expensive tequila (this says it all really), then went to Fashion Pasta for dinner, which was great. After that it was on again to a couple of bars. The second one was fantastic with a band of young local musicians playing. I ended up on stage not long before we left singing No Woman No Cry

This morning I was too ill to eat breakfast but managed a bowl of meatball soup in a cafe near the hotel before I was driven to Jakarta by the local colleague I've been with all week and who sells to the Indian guy. Thankfully I have this afternoon off but tonight I'm meeting my colleague and his family for Chinese food. I don't think I'll be having beer with my fried rice!

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