Sunday, 17 June 2012

On the road again

I'm in Singapore Airport my way to Indonesia for work. It's my first long haul trip since going to Vietnam in December of last year and will be my first ever trip to Indonesia. I've got a decent program of customer visits to do this coming week plus two days training of staff in Bangkok next week

I set off from home around 5-15am on Saturday morning and won't arrive in Bandung until 3-45pm Sunday, which I think is later today! I've flown with Singapore Airlines and been very impressed with their service so far

My running kit is packed and it'll be back to my usual relatively high-intensity short sessions on treadmill, cross-trainer etc. I've often come back from trips away with a bit of extra zip in my legs from the treadmill, which would be handy after the hill walking we did in Lakeland on holiday

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