Monday, 18 June 2012

Sate and gule kambing

We have been out for dinner this evening (me, a local customer and a colleague from Indonesia) to a well known Bandung cafe on Jalan Asia Afrika, called M Harris. They specialise in lamb satay (sate) and curried lamb soup (gule kambing). The sate is cooked over charcoals outside on the street and the meat, served with peanut and soy sauces, limes, shallots and fresh chillis was extremely tender. The gule kambing was really light and tasted of coconut. It would have been fantastic after a winter fell run! There is no beer or anything else alcoholic so we had large glasses of local tea (no sugar or milk) 

It was great sitting outside with the temperature in the low 20s. The climate of Bandung is very pleasant and the air quality incredible for an Asian city of several million people. I often ask myself, 'could I live here?', when I travel and this is one place where I'd answer yes. Bandung reminds me a little of Bangalore. It's green and the pace of life doesn't appear to be quite as manic as some cities

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