Thursday, 12 July 2012

Stirton Fell Race

Brett managed to arrange a dry and sunny if a little cool evening for Stirton last night. My right calf was tight and sore so I ran round with Stef. She has been improving rapidly week on week of late and ran very nearly all the way up Sharp Haw the first time and a big chunk of the second climb too. We caught our friend Richard on the final run in and we both enjoyed the run greatly

After a walk back down the road, an overdue catch up with Madeleine and a wash in the local beck we went over to the New Inn. The Ram Tam was on good form and the banter good too. Tea when we got home was bolognese and hummus wraps and in my case the last bottle of Jack Bloor beer from May's race

Robert, a good friend of ours off the FRA forums, is usually at Stirton, but isn't well at present. I thought about him several times through the evening and look forward to seeing him this time next year as usual. Get well soon mate!

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