Thursday, 27 September 2012

Wednesday night at the Swan

Stef was late home from work last. Too late for our club run at the Old Hall in Haworth and too late for us to have a run up the Beacon, or along the river. Not too late however for us to have a walk over to the Swan!

Wednesday night is quiz night at the Swan and it's a real shame it clashes with just about the one other regular thing we like to do in the week. Last night we got seats in the snug and managed 36 out of a possible 60 (I'm not including the bonus 5 points in the last round; we were never going to get them)

A large team of regulars also sat in the snug won and were very kind to give us a free pint token for helping them with one or two answers including knowing which out of New York City, Dallas, Texas and Chicago is not a real band name. We were about ready for coming home when we received the token so another night out is on the cards soon!

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