Friday, 5 October 2012

Eight years

It's eight years since I left the Midlands and moved up to Yorkshire. I thought the anniversary is tomorrow but it was actually yesterday. On my profile I say I'm a man of the Midlands and I've not lost a tiny scrap of my accent but I feel very much at home now up here

The eight years have flown by very quickly, especially the last three or four. In that time I've had three jobs (I moved up originally for work), joined a running club for the first time, bought a house and later set up home with Stef, walked a hundred miles in less than two days and run over a hundred fell races along with a Bob Graham Round. I've also made some really good friends, been to a few funerals (including one this week) and traveled to I don't know how many countries. It's been alright really; not a bad move with hindsight!

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