Thursday, 25 October 2012

Pie at the Lion

A good running club friend of ours, Richard, has moved into the village and gave us a lift over to the Swan last night. The murky weather that started not long after I got home from a run out over the Beacon on Sunday afternoon was still with us, but we managed a good run, including our recently introduced short break for sweets. Brett provided us all with Celebrations last week and yesterday afternoon I rustled up some Haribos from the 'Bob Graham' cupboard in the kitchen

Ilkley Black was on the agenda when we got back along with a magnificent steak pie! Sadly it was gone before photos could be taken but it was a real thing of wonder. Large pots of mushy peas were a nice touch too; we are really getting looked after this winter!

I got chatting with Kev Hopkinson while we were eating and after updating him news from Darren's funeral, music was discussed at length. He's a big music fan and loves the Beach Boys, especially Surf's Up. It was a smashing evening after what's been a difficult time for us and a great many of our friends 


  1. I think I'm going to move into the village and join the running club too. Sounds more fun than our club. Most of them would worry that pie and ale would cost them 3 seconds on a 10k.

  2. flanker, Wednesday night is very much a 'social run'. I believe some folk train seriously on Tuesday and Thursday including what I'm told is running around a track. You won't find me down there!