Friday, 30 November 2012

Full moon

There's always a bit of a buzz I think among 'headtorchers' around the time of the full moon. Judging by comments on the FRA forums a lot of runners love to get out whether with friends, or solo under a big bright moon. Stef and I managed it twice this week!

On Tuesday we were going to meet friends at Bolton Abbey but Stef was late home so we did some hill -reps on the Beacon. The ground was awful (wet and heavily rutted by cattle) but we both ran well before calling at the Wharfe under the suspension bridge to wash our legs and shoes (in my case an old pair of resurrected Walsh PB's). On Wednesday night 15 of us ran a clock-wise loop from the White Lion. I enjoyed running with PetShopPete and Kev Hoppy because it's not often they run off-road with us. Afterwards we were treated to an amazing and vast 'left-overs' shepherds pie (and a couple of much-needed pints!). Two really memorable evenings out 


  1. Nothing beats a full moon headtorch run, especially when you get to turn the headtorches off and be guided by the lunar glow. And a pair of Walsh PBs as well, splendid stuff DT!

  2. Nice to hear your enjoying your running Andy!