Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tuesday 'torcher

It was over to Bolton Abbey last night for a eight mile headtorcher with John, Chris, Andy and Johnny, plus John and Chris' dogs, Skye and Moss. We ran from the cricket ground up past the priory ruins and the Strid as far as the aquaduct at Barden and back. John showed us a steep path I'd never been on before, which I think would be brilliant for hill reps; not Bob Graham training reps but for short fell races

After the run it was all back to the Swan for much needed refreshment (it was a really mild night for mid-November). There was good news and bad - the Mary Jane ran out just before my pint was to be pulled but they also had Ilkley Black on, so Black it was! We had a lovely hour in the pub telling stories, pulling each other's legs and planning upcoming 50th birthday parties. All in all a splendid evening! 

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  1. I do love a pint (or 5) of Black. Shame I never see it down here.