Sunday, 20 January 2013

A streaky snowy Hebden

It was the Hebden LDWA yesterday and after some good work by organisers Alan Greenwood and Carole Engels the event went ahead in spite of some snow and ice on the course. It was a cracking day out as ever but I found some of the slippery descents a bit hard work in Mudclaws. Huge tracts of the route being frozen solid helped and I finished with dry feet, almost certainly for the first time in five starts. The traditional pie and peas went down well afterwards,as did home-made apple crumble and custard! There were many people there we know and we had a good hour or so after finishing catching-up with the latest gossip

We were going for a Hebden-Splash double this weekend but the Stanbury Splash course has had to be shortened due to ice so we're going over to Bowland again later instead. My next job is either getting Stef out of bed or tackling a sink full of washing up from having pals round for dinner last night. I also need to resist having some of the left-over tiramisu for breakfast, which is not proving easy

I almost forgot, but yesterday was day 50 of our 'streak'. I'm amazed I've kept going (it was Stef's idea and she was much more determined from the start than me) but we've chugged on again this week with a few three and a half milers round the village and the usual Wednesday club-run from the Lion 

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  1. Omg! Pie and peas, plus apple crumble and custard! I really am going to have to give these LDWA events a go :)