Friday, 4 January 2013

Hardmoors 30

The weather forecast was good for New Years Day and so it proved. It was probably the best day of the Christmas holidays and a near perfect day for running Jon Steele's Hardmoors 30 ultra. We did this two years ago and I found it hard going. The long runnable sections, especially the disused railway track, were really not my thing although the coastal path run from Whitby back to the start / finish in Ravenscar was great

This year I think a combination of running every day in December plus sensible eating and drinking (during the race!) led us to have a much better run than in 2011 with us being 20 minutes or so quicker and giving me probably my best ever finish of 35th out of 97 runners. Results are here Oh, did I mention I ran all 199 steps up to the Abbey after around 20 miles of running?


  1. i did the 60 and didnt really enjoy it that much..too much/many short steep coastal up/downs

  2. All 199 steps! good on you. I really fancied stoping for fish and chips !