Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The dark nights

I hate this time of year. The 'dark nights' as my mum always calls them really get me down and getting going with work again after the Christmas holidays is always difficult. It particularly hard during a winter like this, which has been characterised by damp, gloomy albeit mild weather. I've been running regularly in shorts, even at night and have never been cold in them

We're still going with our 'streak' and this has helped a bit. Tonight's planned run (a headtorcher at Bolton Abbey with friends) will be day 38 and running every day certainly fended off any weight gain due to Christmas excesses.  We've got several challenges / long races coming up and in addition to the Hebden LDWA, which we entered last year, I have forms to fill in for the Wadsworth Trog (me and Stef) and the Fellsman  (just me). After a good run on New years day it'll be interesting to see how we get on 


  1. we could really do with a good old cold snap

  2. KNow what you mean about the 'dark nights' they really get to me too, can't stand them. Roll on spring! It's good to have mate in a similar position as no matter how far away they are we can all gee each other along.... giddy up