Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Mum's funeral isn't for another week and a half and I feel like I'm in limbo. We're seeing the vicar tonight (the 'Young American' as we have come to call him) but I'm not spiritual; well not in an organised religion kind of way, so doubt I'll gain much from the meeting, other than hopefully a better understanding of what will happen at the church

A positive thing is we have received several emails and messages from women who were at school with mum and they have been both informative and highly complementary. Mum's early life is a bit of a mystery for various reasons and these words from people who knew mum in her formative years have been very helpful 

Sara lost her father at Christmas and the word is her family say it just takes time. Mum has barely been gone ten days and I guess they are right 


  1. Yes, it does take time and things hit like a hammer at the most unlikely of times. My old fella gave me the slip back at Christmas 2007 and when I finished my first Wuthering Hike I wept buckets in the hall as I could never tell him what I'd just done .... and, you will start to rebuild after the service. Always a tough day but brighter days are ahead. Best Wishes DT

  2. i lost my dad 22 years ago, my mum after that...and yes things do get better..but i still think of them (and have a tear) at times when im least expecting it
    hope you're ok..its lovely to hear good / funny things from others too

  3. Thanks for the kind thoughts guys, Much appreciated