Tuesday, 12 March 2013


The Haworth Hobble has long been one of my favourite events and this year was my eighth since joining Keighley and Craven back in 2004. The 'best' run I've had was in 2011 when a group of pals and I joined together and ran round under 6 hours. Last year was a real struggle off no long runs for months and some of the worse cramp I've ever had!

On Saturday I ran with Stef as planned as a pair (the event was traditionally pairs only) and we did alright. Stef had an abdominal problem which stopped her in her tracks a few times around the 21 miles mark (between Stoodley Pike and Hebden Bridge) and that cost us some time but she dug in very well and we finished strong including running a good chunk of the tarmac up to Penistone Hill (a first for me). I was a bit disappointed with our time of 6 hour 16 mins when we finished but felt really well on Sunday so with hindsight I'm pleased with what we achieved 

We managed a walk in the dales on Sunday (10 miles / 3,700 feet) in absolutely Baltic conditions so had a decent weekend's training. The Fellsman and Lakeland 100 (plus Stef's BG) are getting nearer and we aren't in bad shape as I thought

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