Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bob Graham rules OK

The Bob Graham Round has become increasingly well known since Richard Askwith wrote Feet in the clouds and with ever more information about it on the internet. This higher profile has led to some mutterings of derision: 'it's a trail race', 'it's not as hard as it used to be', and 'they might as well pave the whole route now' being typical jibes from the non-believers. Perhaps needless to say I don't subscribe to these thought and love the challenge and everything positive associated with it

This weekend we've been up in the Lakes for some training for Stef but also to support Andrew Henderson from Durhan Fell Runners. He'd posted last week requesting help on the FRA forums and I responded saying we could help on leg 4 (and possibly leg 5 too). As it worked out we walked over to Wasdale from Honister on Sunday lunch-time and did legs 4 and 5 with Andrew and enjoyed ourselves greatly in the process. Andrew completed in 23 hours 36 minutes and then proposed to his long-term partner Camilla (who'd done a splendid job with his road support and logistics). She said yes, which rounded off a super day in Lakeland perfectly! 

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  1. Read about this double celebration on the forum. Yes, there are people who scoff at the popularity, but I (like you) think it's still as true a test of physical limits that we have in this modern era. Long live Richard Askwith!