Monday, 3 June 2013

Mallerstang Yomp

It was the Yomp yesterday. I much prefer the old name 'Mallerstang Yomp', but as far as I'm aware the challenge is the same: 23 miles walking or running with around 4,300 feet of climb

We ran the event back in 2010 when I was training for my first (failed, two) Bob Graham attempts and that day was misty. So misty in fact that yesterday I couldn't remember any of the second half of the route from our previous outing! The route is unusual in that it seems to have a lot more ascent than descent (I suspect this is because the climbs are ploddy and long; probably just all about runnable) and the descents are fairly steep (the last descent is the second half of a popular annual fell race)

Yesterday was a counter for our club championships ('Extreme' category) and because of that there were six runners out in club colours, which is about three or four more than a lot of longer challenge events we do. Last time we Yomped we did 4 hours 44 minutes but as usual I'd forgotten the exact time. Yesterday we did 4 hours 42 minutes. There's nothing like consistency is there?

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