Wednesday, 31 July 2013


It was the Montane Lakeland 100 last weekend. Stef and I ran together and managed to do 75 miles before retiring at Mardale Head around 25 hours after starting. There was a heavy thunderstorm as we approached the check-point at Mardale Head and a combination  of us both having bad feet,  paths turning rapidly into streams,  the weather not really clearing properly and the next leg starting with a big climb meant we didn’t feel happy heading out towards Kentmere. The race organisers had laid on a bus for retirees and fairly soon we were back at race HQ in Coniston
Yesterday I received a call from a former work colleague. The call was to confirm what we already suspected: that a mutual friend of ours is in the final days of his life after battling bravely against cancer.  This friend is a much respected person in our industry and will be sorely missed by customers, friends of whom he has a great many and his family
The 100 was my first ever DNF in an organised race and upset me quite badly but yesterday’s news put that into perspective. Stef and I had an amazing day in an area of the country we both love and a good man I’ve known for over thirty years is about to lose his life. Not finishing the race isn’t really that important now

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  1. Sorry to hear about your friend DT.
    It certainly does put things into perspective. Making the most of what you do means getting out there and doing it like you do, and not worrying when it doesn't quite work out perfectly :o)