Tuesday, 10 September 2013


I was late going out for this evening's run and although it was only short (a couple of miles or so) and all on the road I needed a headtorch for the first time this 'autumn'. The run was my tenth in ten days and I'm hoping we can carry on and beat the 53 day streak we did in the winter starting on December 1st. It was a lovely night for a run with bits of broken cloud but plenty of stars to be seen plus the waxing crescent moon. Tomorrow evening we have a club social run on Ilkley Moor followed by refreshments at Bar t'at. It's around three miles to the start of the run from home so I might walk over, or even run with a change of clothes in a MM rucksack. Bar t'at is always with several local beers including usually at least two from the fantastic Ilkley Brewery. It should be a good night!

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