Sunday, 22 September 2013

Perfect day

Stef and I have been in Devon since Friday evening and had a great day yesterday. We met Tom, Alfie and Lacey at Bicton in the afternoon after having a walk along the estuary at Topsham to Bowling Green Marsh RSPB reserve Alfie is seven months old, sitting up and with his first tooth coming through. Last night we had fish and chips in Seaton, a walk on the beach and a glass or two of Bacardi. A perfect day really!


  1. dt..i know your face! we stared half knowingly at each on the bus out of mardale..with a 'i recognise you from somewhere' look. now i know and next time i'll say hi :-)

  2. I came over to say hello at the Hobble one year after spotting your collie dog. Hope to see you again soon somewhere :-)