Monday, 9 September 2013


Stef's been trying to get me to eat porridge for years (it'll be four in November). I'm more of a toast man; not even just toast but anything toasted. Bagels, crumpets, muffins, any kind of bread, toasted well and ideally with a decent amount of salty butter. However, I've been experementing with porridge since our holiday and it might just become my new obsession (it's hopefully cheaper than buying reggae and rocksteady records off the internet). It's early day's yet but I'm a milk not water man plus I'm rather partial to honey. I'm yet to try salt in the porridge but I must call Jim, my first boss in sales, who lives in the Borders and who I suspect might know a thing or two about oats. He likes old sports-cars, Harris Tweed and a well polished pair of proper brogues. He's the man I'm sure

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  1. Porridge on toast?

    Honey, golden syrup or dark brown sugar for me. Sometimes a sprinkling of toasted almonds, to add some crunch.

    I look forward to reading about your oat related research.
    All the best Steve