Saturday, 28 September 2013

Skipton Parkrun # 1

Skipton Parkrun started four weeks ago and I've fancied nipping over for a run out one weekend but we've been busy, or away. However, with Stef being in the Lakes for the Rab MM I had an ideal opportunity this weekend

My first problem was finding the park. I thought I knew where it was but I've never actually been to the car-park there, only ever having run through the park before. This wasn't a problem after a couple of laps of Skipton and I had loads of time still to spare. Thankfully no sooner had I arrived than I saw my friend Matty, who not only told me how it all worked, but jogged round a lap with me (the run is three laps). This recce lap enabled me to see that (1) the course wasn't all tarmac, but much more 'multi-terrain' in nature, and (2) the hill near the start was brutal (not by fell running terms, but certainly so if you've got to do it three times in twenty odd minutes)

I'd never done a 5K before and not done a shortish race since May so pacing was always going to be interesting. As it was I think I got it about right and finished 25th out of I'm guessing 95 entrants. I only felt sick for ten minutes or so afterwards and was back home well before 10am

As I was getting ready this morning I was thinking there must be thousands of folk all over the country doing this just now. The event was really inclusive with childeren running plus whole familes trotting round together. I've no idea who started the whole parkrun 'movement' but they were super smart because it is great and what's not to like?

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