Thursday, 31 October 2013

Properly engaged

Ten days ago I bought Stef an engagement ring. A very good friend (who's been married for four years and now has two super young children) said buying an engagement ring felt a very 'grown-up' thing to do and he was absolutely correct, as is often the case

Last night after work I collected the ring and nipped into Costa for a quick coffee. I was going to go for a pint but was still feeling grown-up so came home. The ring fitted perfectly (it'd been off to a retired jeweller appropriately on the edge of the Lake District for adjustment and a 'clean and polish'). Stef, who's been right off it with a bug for two days, perked up amazingly on recieving it!

In the evening we had a lovely dinner at home plus a bottle of wine and I decided my streak (59 days at that point) had come to an end. Around 10.15 we were off to bed and as I was undressing found myself pulling running kit on almost without realising what I was doing. Stef said you'd best go out and do your run and away I went. I felt dreadful (it was probably the rich food and wine) but I managed a loop of the village and my streak lives on

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  1. Woohoo! Well done Tup! (on the ring and on the running streak).