Friday, 25 October 2013


I'm still running every day and did my 55th consecutive run today. Life is very hectic at the moment with our wedding to plan. We've settled on the Satuday of May Day Bank Holiday weekend (May 3) next year and have actually made a huge amount of progress with the church, fell race(!), reception etc already booked or organised

Stef is away this weekend and I am going to the Swan beer festival tonight and meeting my old pals Dave and Sara tomorrow evening for a Strictly Come Dancing night. A run up Dave's local hill (Pin Haw) is planned in the afternoon and I hope the weather is better than it was earlier tonight when I got half drowned on my Friday evening 'saver'. A saver is a short run done to 'save' the streak and everyone has their own rules as to what constitutes a minimum run; typically a mile or 15 minutes etc. My rule is if I get my kit on and stay out long enough to break sweat then it's very much game still on

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  1. Lightweight. I did 5 miles in the pouring rain tonight. :) x