Friday, 29 November 2013

A tale of two Bobs

If you start to type 'Bob' into my web-browser you (maybe surprisingly) don't get Bob Dylan or Bob Marley. However, you do (not surprisingly) get Bob Graham, but you also get Bob Wightman. Now Bob Graham has had plenty of coverage on this blog but Bob Wightman only occasionally gets a mention

I first met Bob Wightman at Ilkley Moor fell race and it was Brett who introduced us. I suspect I'd already visited Bob's website but it was before he fell off Stannage and started his blog Bob and I ran round the Haworth Hobble one year with Steve 'merrylegs' Foster and it was Bob who navigated leg one of my first Bob Graham and the final leg of my successful round (I'll never forget seeing him in the car-park at Honister). Bob also showed me and Rich 'Mr 1470' around leg one on a glorious Saturday morning; the day I first saw the parachute descent off Blencathra

Bob had a hip-replacement operation this week and I'm guessing he'll be blogging about his recovery over the coming weeks. I guess too that it'll make interesting reading

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