Sunday, 5 January 2014

Bands of Gold

We managed a run along the river yesterday afternoon. I guess we were out an hour or so all told. Just about long enough to get some mud on the box-fresh pair of Walshes I've had for months but never worn. Kingfisher, heron, goosander, wren, long tailed tit and a treecreeper were spotted during the run

Part of the reason we didn't get out running until the afternoon was we'd been to Skipton to buy wedding rings earlier. Stef's didn't take too much sorting but I was frustrated because our chosen shop had samples which were too small for my (I thought very average size) fingers

I had a very clear picture in my mind of what I wanted: 'gold' gold (not white), decent band width and a curved top, not flat i.e. something very traditional. Eventually after around half an hour and with an increasingly sore ring finger we found what I'd had in mind since my proposal back in October 

We'd been served by a lovely guy who I'd guess was in his 50's (a gentle man, Stef said later), but I asked one of the younger women working in the shop what she thought to my choice, 'does this look like the sort of ring your dad, uncle, elder brother or grandad would wear?'. 'Yes', she said, 'and the kind of thing I hope one day my husband would wear'. A perfect reply I thought

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